Seathwaite Fell / Allen Crags / Red Beck Top / Glaramara / Dovenest Top

Distance (Miles): Ascent (Metres): Time (Hours):
8.92 863 6
Strenuosity: Technicality (x/10): Enjoyability (x/10):
Difficult 7 7

I found this walk fairly strenuous, especially from the descent of Glaramara back to the car. This is probably due to the amount of scrambling, albeit easy (except for the rock step, see below), rather than distance or ascent.

I picked a decent day for it and the views were fabulous; you can see most of the Lake District from the various peaks on the route. I did not know about the 6 meter rock step on Glaramara and that was a bit of a surprise. There is a way around the side so it’s not essential that you go that way.

All in all a great walk with wonderful views and a nice scramble on the rock step!

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