Nab Scar / Heron Pike (Rydal) / Heron Pike North Top / Stone Arthur / Great Rigg / Fairfield / Hart Crag / Dove Crag / High Pike (Scandale) / Low Pike

Distance (Miles): Ascent (Metres): Time (Hours):
11.00 1141 8
Strenuosity: Technicality (x/10): Enjoyability (x/10):
Difficult 5 8

A beautiful day for a glorious walk around the Fairfield Horseshoe. This walk has what I consider to be some of the best views in The Lakes! The spectacular vista to the west from Great Rigg is simply breathtaking. Then on to the views of Helvellyn and St Sunday Crag from the summit of Fairfield, it’s easy to see why this walk is so popular.

The ascent to Nab Scar is not too steep, and if you skip Stone Arthur, which you should, then this walk is one of the best. It did get a little boggy on the descent over High Pike (Scandale) and Low Pike, but other than that it was an absolute joy.

If at all possible try and do this one on a weekday to avoid the crowds. Don’t do it when it cloudy, you’ll be missing too much!

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