Hay Stacks / Great Gable / Green Gable / Brandreth / Grey Knotts

Distance (Miles): Ascent (Metres): Time (Hours):
8.14 888 6
Strenuosity: Technicality (x/10): Enjoyability (x/10):
Difficult 6 7

I’ve been wanting to revisit Great Gable for a while, as last time I was here it was cloudy with no views at all. Today started off promisingly, but as I left Hay Stacks I could see the cloud enveloping Great Gable and I almost didn’t bother.

Luckily I decided to go there anyway, as it’s a long drive to The Lakes so I wanted to make the most of it. As I started the steep climb up the north ridge the sun came out, and although it remained hazy at least I got some nice photographs from the Westmorland Cairn 🙂

This is a great walk, but it is fairly strenuous in places, and considering it starts at the top of the Honister Pass there’s still quite a bit of ascent. Overall though, this walk has what I consider to be some of the best views in Lakeland; definitely save it for a clear day!

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